Our history

With a highly skilled team, we have a proven track record of delivering immediate and high-quality solutions. Our commitment to quality, respect, responsibility, honesty, and reliability ensures complete customer satisfaction. Trusting us with your needs means exceeding your expectations with our commitment to excellence and promptness.

Our mission

We are a Panamanian company dedicated to providing immediate and exceptional marine repair and conversion solutions with unwavering quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Marine Repair and

We are an internationally
oriented marine repair
and conversion company.

We repair vessels with
excellent quality:

We rely on our local
and international maritime agents
for sales and services.

Our vision

We aim to become the leading company in Panama in vessel repairs, conversions, and related services, driven by continuous improvement in our internal production systems. With a commitment to quality and timely solutions, we not only strive to surpass customer expectations and foster strong, trustworthy relationships within a safe environment but also promote social responsibility, contributing to the betterment of our community and the marine industry.

Be a leader in vessel repairs
and conversions in Panama:

We pursue continuous improvement
in our internal production systems,
delivering services of superior
quality and excellence.

Always exceed our
customers' expectations:

Building strong relationships with clients,
collaborators, and employees in a safe environment
while offering services of quality and excellence.

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