• We carry out all types of naval inspections.
  • Naval Appraisals.
  • Engineering Development for naval and industrial reconversionss.
  • Development of technical specifications.

Metal and structural

  • We carry out repairs and manufacturing of naval structures in main and auxiliary decks, booths or superstructures, ballast tanks, cargo tanks, void space tanks, freshwater tanks. The changes are made in vessels of fuel, liquefied gas, natural gas, containers, passengers or cruises, fishing, dredges and barges.
  • Materials that are within new competences: Marine plates grade A, carbon steel, high tensile EH-36 and DH-36, stainless steels 308,309, 316 L, naval aluminum.


  • Carbon steel pipe in 6G position.
  • SMAW, TIG and MIG approved processes.

Hydraulic systems

  • We perform overhall of hydraulic pistons.
  • Overhall to hydraulic pumps.
  • Installation of simple and complex hydraulic systems with automation system.


  • Underwater inspections to determine hull and paint conditions (no class).
  • Underwater inspections with sorter (annual, intermediate and special).
  • Rudder repairs with welding divers including the disassembly of the steering system.


  • Main machine overhall.
  • Overhall of auxiliary machines.
  • Turbo Overhall Chargers.
  • Transmission overhall.
  • Engine alignment.
  • We specialize in hydraulic systems of ship’s rudders.
  • Propeller System Disassembly.


  • Electricity applied to the vessel.
  • Electric motor maintenance.
  • Rewind of electric motors.
  • Maintenance of main systems and sub panels.
  • Transformer maintenance.
  • We perform electrical wiring and control system changes.
  • We manufacture electrical panels of power and control systems.


  • Penetrating liquid (NON DESTRUCTIVE TEST).
  • Vacuum chamber.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Magnaflux Test.
  • Hardness test.

Preparación de superficie

  • Low and high pressure wash in the range of 5,000 Psi to 40,000 Psi.
  • Sandblasting SA1.0, SA2.0, SA2.5.
  • Marine paint application according to manufacturers standards.

General services

  • Cleaning of fuel tanks / sludge oil.
  • Cleaning of drinking water tanks.
  • Ballast Tank Cleaning.
  • Cleaning of boilers fire / water circulation side with special chemicals.
  • Economizer cleaning.
  • Installation of refractory cement and bricks.
  • Incinerator Reconstruction.
  • Installation of all types of sheet metal for sheet steam.
  • Installation of thermal insulation in boilers.
  • Crane tests with water bag up to 50 TON with dynamometer.
  • Rehabilitation of accommodations with all types of synthetic or wood material.
  • Davits tests and access gateways with certified weights.
  • Cleaning machine room and pump room after fire conatos.